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Our tutors are professional experts in an array of fields, and have been selected to work closely and effectively with the students here at Mines.





Seth Brady Tucker is a poet and fiction writer originally from Lander, Wyoming.  He has degrees from the top-ranked Creative Writing Program (English) at the Florida State University (PhD, 2012), Northern Arizona University (MA), and San Francisco State University (BA).  Professor Tucker's first book won the 2011 Elixir Press Editor’s Poetry Prize (Mormon Boy), and was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award. His second book won the Gival Press Poetry Award (We Deserve the Gods We Ask For) and went on to win the Eric Hoffer Book Award. His award-winning poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and essays have appeared widely.  He is also the founder and co-director of the Longleaf Writers' Conference @ Seaside, FL (which takes place annually in May), and is currently a senior editor at the Tupelo Quarterly Review. Seth has worked as a wine sommelier, loves reading and writing and teaching Veterans and adults at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop in his spare time. He was a paratrooper with the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and served in the Persian Gulf War, in another lifetime.







Melanie Brandt is a native of Colorado and received her MA in Humanities and BA in Literature. Her academic background and teaching focus on interdisciplinary connections and skillsets. As a result, she has been simultaneously teaching writing and literature classes alongside engineering design courses since 2011. She is interested in combining the humanities and STEM fields of study in innovative ways that are mutually beneficial. Her recent work at Mines is the embodiment of these interests as it involves developing a course that integrates Nature and Human Values with Cornerstone Design into a new learning experience.  


JUDY GRIEBLING (ESL, Communications, NHV/Composition)


Judy Griebling has been a consultant in the CSM Writing Center since 2008 and enjoys helping students of all levels express themselves in academic writing. She has taught English to refugees and foreign students at the Community College of Denver, Colorado Christian University, Interlink Language Center, Jefferson County Public Schools, and in community-based English programs. Judy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and international affairs and a Master of Arts in Education with an English as a Second Language emphasis from the University of Colorado, along with many ESL teaching credentials earned over her long career.




ALLYCE HORAN (ESL, Thesis Formatting, NHV, Communications)

Allyce (A-Leece) received her Master's Degree in History from Florida State University in 2013 and promptly moved to beautiful Colorado! She's been a Writing Consultant at the Writing Center for five years, and is also an Adjunct Teaching Professor for Nature and Human Values. Allyce is an expert in Thesis formatting and organization, and has a strong background helping ESL students. Please feel free to stop by at any point in your writing process, whether it is brainstorming, outlining, or a rough draft! I have a passion for language which I am happy to share with you.


KATHY O'DONNELL (Technical/Scientific Writing, Communications, Composition)


Kathy enjoys assisting students with strategies for writing assignments--generating topics, labeling graphics, citing sources--and everything in between. She’s looking forward to working with you! At Metro State, Kathy has taught writing classes for engineering, computer science, and aviation students, drawing on her 16 years of technical writing experience. At Honeywell, she worked with SMEs on spec sheets, white papers, and product catalogs. Kathy’s projects involved working with AutoCAD drawing files, Visio and Illustrator software, and table design to enhance files for publication. Kathy is a member of IEEE’s Professional Communication Society and has presented at communication conferences. Her PhD in Technical Communication, Illinois Institute of Technology, focused on scientific illustration in early science writing. Kathy continues to teach writing part-time at MSU Denver.



GRETCHEN HACK (ESL, Composition, Communications)


Gretchen Hack is not a “hack” writer but in fact a published author in various venues, including a writing teachers’ journal, a small newspaper, and religious publications. Gretchen will help you write to any audience, keeping your attention focused on purpose, rhetorical sophistication, and intent. She graduated from Valparaiso, Indiana with a B.A. in English and Spanish, from University of Colorado-Denver (UCD) with an M.A. in English, and has taught English composition at UCD and other area colleges since 1988. Currently she teaches Advanced ESL Composition and Reading part-time at Community College of Denver. When you come for tutoring with her, please teach her how to say “hello” in your native language – she wants to be hospitable!




KAIT McNAMEE (Composition, NHV, Science and Medical Writing)


Kait holds a BA in English/Creative Writing and an MA in English/Literature. She taught Core Composition I at CU Denver and specializes in science and medical writing, MLA and APA citation, thesis development, and brainstorming. 






KATRINA SAN NICOLAS (McBride, NHV, Composition, Reports)


Katrina San Nicolas is a senior studying chemical engineering and “exploring the world” with a minor in public affairs through the McBride Honors Program. She is originally from northern Colorado but enjoys traveling around the country and internationally. Katrina has written numerous lab and research reports and also serves as the news editor for The Oredigger student newspaper.

She has been working as a McBride Honors Fellow for a year and a half and especially enjoys the variety of students she has met thus far. As a peer tutor, she is also excited to help students work through familiar courses like NHV, Chemistry, and Human Systems. Katrina also works in a biological lab on campus and would be happy to assist with research proposals and other applications.



JOSH HELMICK (McBride, NHV, Composition, Reports)


Josh Helmick is a senior studying chemical and biochemical engineering and working towards a minor in biomedical engineering and public affairs as part of the McBride Honors Program. He has worked as a McBride Honors Fellow for nearly two years. As a McBride Honors Fellow, Josh has enjoyed helping students work through various writing assignments for courses such as NHV and Human Systems. Nonetheless, he is more than happy to help with any assignment, in any way he can.


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