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Humanities & Social Sciences Requirements

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Following is a list of Liberal Arts and International Studies (LAIS) and Economics and Business (EB) courses that satisfy the Humanities & Social Sciences General Education Restricted Electives Requirement.

EBGN 301 Intermediate Microeconomics
EBGN 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics


EBGN 310 Environment & Resource Economics
EBGN 320 Economics & Technology
EBGN 330 Energy Economics
EBGN 340 Energy and Environmental Policy
EBGN 342 Economic Development
EBGN 430 Advanced Energy Economics
EBGN 437 Regional Economics
EBGN 441 International Economics
EBGN 443 Public Economics
EBGN 470 Environmental Economics 
LAIS 201 Workshop Foundations: The Art and Craft of Creative Writing
LAIS 220 Introduction to Philosophy
LAIS 221 Introduction to Religions
LAIS 226 Beginning Piano & Fundamentals of Music
LAIS 286 Introduction to Government & Politics
LAIS 298 Special Topics
LAIS 300 Creative Writing: Fiction
LAIS 301 Creative Writing: Poetry
LAIS 305 American Literature: Colonial Period to the Present
LAIS 306 African American Literature: Foundations to the Present
LAIS 307 Exploration in Comparative Literature
LAIS 309 Literature and Society
LAIS 310 Modern European Literature
LAIS 311 British Literature
LAIS 315 Musical Traditions of the Western World
LAIS 320 Ethics
LAIS 322 Logic
LAIS 323 Introduction to Science Communication
LAIS 324 Audio/Acoustical Eng.& Science
LAIS 325 Cultural Anthropology
LAIS 326 Music Theory
LAIS 327 Music Technology
LAIS 328 Music Composition
LAIS 330 Music Technology Capstone
LAIS 335 International Political Economy of Latin America
LAIS 337 International Political Economy of Asia
LAIS 339 International Political Economy of the Middle East
LAIS 341 International Political Economy of Africa
LAIS 344 International Relations
LAIS 345 International Political Economy
LAIS;365 History of War
LAIS 370 History of Science
LAIS 371 History of Technology
LAIS 375 Engineering Cultures
LAIS 376 Community Engagement through Service Learning
LAIS 377 Engineering & Sustainable Community Development 
LAIS 398 Special Topics
LAIS 401 Creative Writing: Poetry II
LAIS 404 Women, Literature & Society
LAIS 406 Literature of War & Remembrance
LAIS 407 Science in Literature
LAIS 408 Life Stories
LAIS 409 Shakespearean Drama
LAIS 410 Critical Perspectives in 20th Century Literature
LAIS 411 Literatures of the African World
LAIS 412 Literature & the Environment
LAIS 415 Mass Media Studies


LAIS 416 Film Studies
LAIS 418 Narrating the Nation
LAIS 419 Media and the Environment
LAIS 421 Environmental Philosophy and Policy
LAIS 423 Advanced Science Communication
LAIS 424 Rhetoric, Energy, & Public Policy
LAIS 425 Intercultural Communication
LAIS 426 Scientific Controversies
LAIS 429 Real World Recording
LAIS 430 Corporate Social Responsibility
LAIS 431 Religion & Security
LAIS 435 Latin American Development
LAIS 437 Asian Development
LAIS 439 Middle East Development
LAIS 440 War and Peace in the Middle East
LAIS 441 African Development
LAIS 442 Natural Resources & War in Africa
LAIS 446 Globalization
LAIS 448 Global Environmental Issues
LAIS 450 Political Risk Assessment
LAIS 452 Corruption and Development
LAIS 453 Ethnic Conflict in Global Perspective
LAIS 457 Introduction to Conflict Management
LAIS 460 Global Geopolitics
LAIS 464 History of Energy & Environment
LAIS 467 History of Earth & Env. Sciences
LAIS 475 Engineering Cultures in the Developing World
LAIS 476 Technology & International Development
LAIS 477 Engineering and Sustainable Community Development
LAIS 478 Engineering and Social Justice
LAIS 479 Engineers Engaging Communities
LAIS 480 Anthropology of Development
LAIS 485 Constitutional Law and Politics
LAIS 486 Science and Technology Policy
LAIS 487 Environmental Politics and Policy
LAIS 488 Water Politics and Policy
LAIS 489 Nuclear Power & Public Policy
LAIS 490 Energy and Society
LAIS 498 Special Topics
Any foreign language class may be used for midlevel H&SS credit 

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