Literature, Society, and the Environment (LSE)








The Literature, Society, and the Environment Minor (LSE) is designed for students with a passion for literature, and an interest in exploring relationships between literary traditions and the broader social and environmental processes that have helped inspire and shape them.

The minor’s interdisciplinary emphasis creates unique opportunities for students to forge connections between literary studies and diverse fields of inquiry spanning the humanities and qualitative and quantitative sciences. In the process of acquiring the minor, students will develop forms of intellectual creativity and sensitivity to social and environmental dynamics increasingly expected of twenty-first century scientists and engineers.

The minor requires 15 credit hours of HASS courses and 3 credit hours from a technical elective for a total of 18 credit hours, as follows:

  1. Two required literature courses (six credit-hours): LAIS 309 Literature & Society  and LAIS 412 Literature & the Environment.
  2. Two additional literature courses with at least one of these at the 400-level (six credit-hours).
  3. One history, philosophy, or social science course stressing connections between society and the environment (three credit-hours).

For further details on requirements and eligible courses, please contact a minor advisor:
Jay Straker, Tina Gianquitto or Toni Lefton.

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