Minors / ASI

HASS offers five minor programs:

Students who complete an HASS minor usually will automatically satisfy their Humanities & Social Sciences General Education Restricted Electives Requirement. They will also need to use their free elective hours to complete a minor. Minors are a minimum of 18 credit-hours. Students should consult the minor advisors listed above for specific requirements.

  • No more than half of the credits to be applied towards an HASS minor may be transfer credits. All transfer credits must be approved by the appropriate HASS Undergraduate Advisor.
  • Prior to completing the sophomore year, students wishing to declare an HASS Minor fill out an HASS Minor form and obtain approval from their minor advisor. 
  • Students must also fill out a Minor/Area of Special Interest Declaration and obtain approval from their CSM advisor, from the Head/Director of their major department/division and from the HASS Director.


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