Transfer Credits

m_camera.jpgHASS accepts transfer credit from accredited institutions around the world.

The courses in the flyer below require a Prior Approval Form, and that form is available from the registrar’s office. This form can be completed AT THE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE—courses on this list no longer require a signature from HASS/LAIS.

Courses which do not require a signature from any HASS/ LAIS faculty 

Students who plan to study abroad or take courses elsewhere, must obtain Prior Approval. This protects the student by insuring that the courses taken count toward graduation requirements. If a student intends to take a Humanities or Social Sciences course (but not Economics &/or Business—that’s a different department), bring a Prior Approval Form (available at the Registrar’s Office) to Undergraduate Faculty Advisor: Sandy Woodson in Stratton Hall office# 415 for the required signature.

If you have any questions about the viability of a course for transfer, gather as much information as possible—course descriptions, syllabi, etc.—and submit them for assessment. If the information is electronic or can be scanned, email the information to Sandy Woodson

Foreign Language Policy
Students interested in foreign language instruction but are not sure which course is appropriate, may take a placement test offered by BYU. This test is for placement purposes only; no credit will be awarded based on this (or any other) test. No student is permitted to take a foreign language that is either his/her native language or second language.

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