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prof_writing_chalkbrd.jpgTeaching writing can be tremendously rewarding. We can work with students to find a means of self expression; we help them to work through their ideas on the page; we guide them in communicating those ideas to others.

But teaching writing also presents us with specific challenges. The goal of these Faculty Resources is to provide teachers of writing with effective strategies for creating writing assignments and grading and responding to student work. We have also provided information about Writing Intensive course design.

From 1998 to 2011, nearly 100 CSM faculty members participated in WAC workshops led by former Writing Program Administrator Dr. Jon A. Leydens, which is noteworthy on a campus with roughly 250 full-time faculty members.  On workshop evaluations, faculty participants were asked whether they would recommend the WAC workshop to colleagues, and 100 percent responded affirmatively.  Several faculty have written or called weeks or months after the workshop, noting its utility in fostering student learning of technical concepts.  In anonymous evaluations, faculty participants have noted that the WAC workshop offers teaching strategies that foster student learning and that they wished they had participated in such a workshop at the outset of their careers.  The faculty responses at right are representative of recurring responses from faculty generally, and the resources below are ones specifically suggested by faculty. 

Faculty Resources: Learning and Teaching

Faculty Resources: WAC


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