Individualized Undergraduate Study

premed.jpgStudents may pursue a minor custom-tailored to their interests within the confines of resident faculty expertise and availability. Such "Designer Minors" are ideal preparation for law and medical school.

Students should see the HASS Undergraduate Advisor, who will recommend a Minor Advisor in their area of interest. That Advisor will help each student create a coherent program reflecting the specific focus that the student wishes to pursue. The Individualized Undergraduate Minor application form must include a statement of the rationale for the sequence of courses selected.

Undergraduate Advisor
Sandy Woodson

Following are undergraduate-level opportunities for study in areas that can enhance preparation for students who are considering pursuing professional careers in Law:

LAIS 220 Introduction to Philosophy
LAIS 285 Introduction to Law and Legal Systems
LAIS 286 Introduction to Government and Politics
LAIS 320 Introduction to Ethics
LAIS 321 Political Philosophy and Engineering
LAIS 322 Logic
LAIS 485 Constitutional Law and Politics
LAIS 486 Science and Technology Policy
LAIS 487 Environmental Politics and Policy
LAIS 488 Water Politics and Policy

For information about applying to law school or a career in law, please contact CSM's General Counsel and pre-law advisor, Anne Stark Walker

BELS (Bioengineering and Life Sciences) and Pre-Med
Students considering pursuing careers in the Life Sciences, including Medicine, should be aware of the following undergraduate-level opportunities that can enhance their preparation for future graduate work:

Students considering attending medical school after completing their undergraduate degrees should be aware that one of the basic requirements for admission to medical schools includes one year of study in expository writing/composition, literature, and/or English courses. Mid-level and upper division courses in HASS that would satisfy this requirement include:

LAIS 300 Creative Writing: Fiction 
LAIS 301 Creative Writing: Poetry I 
LAIS 305 American Literature: Colonial Period to the Present 
LAIS 401 Creative Writing: Poetry II 
LAIS 404 Women, Literature, & Society 
LAIS 406 Literature of War & Rememberance 
LAIS 409 Shakespearean Drama

For more information on the Medical College Admission Test, a standardized, multiple-choice examination designed to assess problem solving, critical thinking, and writing skills in addition to knowledge of science concepts and principles, visit Association of American Medical Colleges.

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